CCTV and Security Specialist
I'm really good at CCTV and security, famous worldwide for my half jobs.

Max Power

IT Specialist
Linux nerd, with a love for open source software, server infrastructure and backend management. Stargate > Star Wars.

Shaun Mudd

IT Specialist
I'm the business at networking as well as keeping our customers happy. My mother is a very accommodating (definitely didn't need to spellcheck that one) person.


Web and Phone Repair Specialist
I’m actually just your average nerd, living in Bournemouth, with 2 cats and a lifelong passion for fixing things.

Owen Goves

God of IT
I'm an IT professional with nearly 10 years of experience. I've been responsible for networks big and small. The milkybars are on me.
The IT Guy himself

Steve Lewis

I'm responsible for this madhouse,  with IT experience since 1998 (as the whites in my hair will attest!). I've supported everyone from the home user to large corporate networks. Star Wars > Stargate.